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Go to Configure>Volumes, select the volume to which you wish to restore data, and click Properties from the toolbar. Retrospect reports the disk is full while copying during restore. If this happens, try removing all versions of the config file to another folder, and then relaunch Retrospect. See Recreating a Catalog. weblink

Recheck that each device has a unique SCSI ID. Chose a temporary location. 3837 That operation is not allowed while the recovery model is SIMPLE. 3838 Only full backups of the master database may be performed. 3839 The log sequence To force the client to bind to a specific adapter: Open the OS X System Preferences and go to Network Change "Show" from "Network status" to "Network Port Configurations" Drag your Troubleshooting Most problems encountered while using Retrospect fall into a few general categories.

Retrospect Knowledge Base

See Retrospect Support. The Config77.dat and Config77.bak files can be found either in the same folder as the Retrospect application, or in ../Documents and Settings/All Users/Application Data/Retrospect . Click Configure>Backup Sets. Backuping up to a Maxtor 111gb one touch.

Do not turn them off until after you shut down the computer. If the problem occurs on multiple client computers, find out if those computers share a common hub, router, bridge, or gateway. See Network Attached Storage (NAS) Devices for more information. When using ASPI instead, if the ATAPI miniport driver is disabled Retrospect will not see the ATAPI bus.

See Common Scheduler Elements. Retrospect Support If the client is using dynamic IP addressing its IP address may have changed. If you cannot find your file, choose Find from the Edit menu to search by name or other attributes. When I try to erase a tape or disk Retrospect asks for the Catalog File, but I no longer have it.

Retrospect is not backing up a particular client volume. Why do my network backups take too long? Open Retrospect and make sure the disc drive ID is set to Don’t Ignore ID (Configure > Devices > Environment). Simply repeat the backup, this time making sure no one uses the computer while it is progress.

Retrospect Support

If the error continues, the Retrospect configuration file may be corrupt. http://forums.retrospect.com/index.php?/topic/4731-error-code-list-needed/ It includes general troubleshooting help, answers frequently asked questions, and introduces you to the same troubleshooting techniques Retrospect Technical Support uses to solve problems. Retrospect Knowledge Base Retrospect Multi Server allows you to access all clients from multiple subnets without crossing your network backbone. Retrospect Error -505 Backup Client Reserved Retrospect asks for a new medium, but then complains “You can’t use ‘1-Birnam Wood’, it already belongs to a Backup Set!” This is a feature designed to prevent accidental erasure.

If you forget a Backup Set Catalog from within Retrospect, its file remains on your hard disk until you drag it to the recycle bin. have a peek at these guys This does not affect the data stored in your backup set media. This section outlines those procedures and shows you the most common problems and their treatments. Exit Retrospect, then re-open it.

Make sure the IP address you are using is current. The Storage Devices window that appears shows you the name of the tape. It explains what medium Retrospect needs. http://fiftysixtysoftware.com/retrospect-error/retrospect-error-641.html In the Backup Set selection window that appears, select the old Backup Set and click Forget from the toolbar.

It will automatically use any media that is erased or correctly named. If the backup computer is not completing backups in its scheduled time periods or if you want volumes to be backed up more often than they are, you may need a To use disc mounting software when Retrospect is running: Open Retrospect.

But I don not see error code 5.

The only choice at this point is to quit Retrospect. This can happen if you run a Recycle backup to new media and then try to restore with older tapes, disks, or CD/DVDs. Data-grade tapes must pass more stringent testing than audio-grade tapes. If you do, follow the tips in the note above for "Matching During a Backup." Matching during a restore If you get the error during restore preparation during the Matching phase,

Retrospect has no facility for renaming Backup Sets but you can rename a file Backup Set in the Windows Explorer. (Other types of Backup Sets cannot be renamed.) Open the file If the error continues, your backup configuration file may also be corrupt. After restoring, Mac OS file sharing privileges are not set. this content Includes news, calendar, program description, photos, and related links….

Retrospect requests a new tape for one of three reasons: The tape drive reports the current tape is full. We have seen these problems caused by specific failing hard disk. These sample errors can indicate communication errors on a SCSI bus: File “Tech Note” didn’t compare at offset 3,253 Trouble reading: “1-Office Backup 2” (0), error –102 (trouble communicating) Trouble writing: If possible, locate the proper tape, disk, or CD/DVD for the restore.

i love to eat thats why i have lots of restrant and you …… 3045 (There is insufficient storage space to complete the operation) and 3405 (Cant backup system state)… EMC Retrospect Technical Support follows some basic troubleshooting procedures for each of these categories.