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Specifically, you should check for hard drive fragmentation, problems on the SCSI bus, and network problems. • The speed of the backup computer. If this is the first time you have ever used Retrospect (in other words, if you just installed Retrospect and have never before scanned for devices successfully with Retrospect), please contact See Common Scheduler Elements. All rights reserved. weblink

Follow the tips in the note above for "Matching During a Backup." Chronic Chunk or Catalog Problems If you encounter chronic chunk or catalog related problems, you will need to determine The logic Retrospect Search Products Support Partners Buy Free Trial Support Support and Maintenance Downloads Knowledge Base Documentation Register Contact Us Error -1101 (file or folder not found) on an unattended Try other media to see if any match the Catalog you are using. If the compatible device is on another computer, copy the backup set catalog over to the other computer, and try the restore there.

Retrospect Support

Click Open if the Catalog for your Backup Set is available, or click Recreate to rebuild it from the media. After restoring a backup to a new Macintosh hard disk, the volume icon on the Finder Desktop is no longer custom. The remainder of this article covers what error - 1101 means during an unattended backup of a Microsoft networking volume.

Retrospect Multi Server allows you to access all clients from multiple subnets without crossing your network backbone. How can I use multiple network cards on the backup computer? Can I delete files from a Backup Set? Retrospect Updates Can more than one backup computer run on the same network at the same time?

If you still cannot determine why Proactive Backup is not accepting your medium, start a backup to that Backup Set using Backup> Backup. Retrospect Error 1101 The client crashes during the backup. Click Configure>Backup Sets. You can make a non-contiguous selection using the Control key or select a range of volumes using the Shift key.

If possible, locate the proper tape, disk, or CD/DVD for the restore. Retrospect Backup Go to Configure>Volumes, select the volume to which you wish to restore data, and click Properties from the toolbar. If you do, verify that the error occurs at the same place by repeating the operation. For example, if you are backing up to a networked disk or file server, and there is a network connection failure, Retrospect may report error -206.

Retrospect Error 1101

Update or reinstall the FireWire and USB adapter drivers. http://www.retrospect.com/support/kb You have a medium that you want to restore from, but you do not see its Backup Set in the selection window. Retrospect Support Hardware Issues Isolate the device. Retrospect Error -505 Backup Client Reserved Swap ports and cables with a nearby client that is not experiencing network trouble or producing errors.

To re-use a tape from a Backup Set that you no longer need, insert the tape, and click Configure>Devices. http://fiftysixtysoftware.com/retrospect-error/retrospect-error-641.html Move it (and any other configuration files, “config**.***”) out of its parent folder and try launching again. If this occurs, check the disk for corruption using the Disk Utility (OSX) disk checking utility, or another disk utility program. Retrospect then goes through the following stages: selecting a volume (specifying where the files are going), matching or selecting files, requesting media, copying, and setting privileges if necessary. Retrospect Error 1101 File Directory Not Found

All rights reserved. See Multiple Concurrent Executions for more information. Check your tape drive vendors documentation for recommendations. check over here In the Finder's Get Info for the volume, ensure that the "Ignore ownership on this volume" checkbox is unchecked, and if needed, enable ACLs on the volume.

Check that the name of the medium you are inserting exactly matches the requested name. This error is one of Retrospect's most challenging errors to troubleshoot because networks involve a large number of variables. All Windows Systems: The IP configuration information shows the IP address the computer is currently using.

Retrospect treats the requested member as if it were full and backs up progressively to a new piece of media.

Insert a blank disc or a disc that already has been used with Retrospect. If, after reviewing the log, you determine the 519 errors are associated with one or more specific clients, you should follow the troubleshooting tips in the "Troubleshooting Client Computers" section of It is up to you. If you cannot find a posting regarding the specific error, the information below will help you troubleshoot further.

While Retrospect is copying, use the Control menu to switch between modes. Try a backup from this new computer to see if the original backup computer was causing the problem. Network backups often sustain continuous network throughput with a large and fast stream of packets for long periods of time. this content How do I log in a client when I forgot its password?

Drag the old Backup Set Catalog File to the recycle bin. Try a clean installation of the operating system. Retrospect has different phases of operation. You will be forced to enter your license code.

This section outlines those procedures and shows you the most common problems and their treatments. Use the same destination Backup Set. Then click the Environment tab to view all of your devices. When running a script by selecting an item from the manual execution dialog’s combo box (see Manual Script Execution).

What happens if you try to back up the same source to a different media set? We recommend that you rename the possibly corrupt file, and not throw it away until you have resolved the problem. Install a copy of the Retrospect application on a different computer. All rights reserved.

Retrospect reports a chunk checksum error. Try installing and using Retrospect on a different computer. If a client has already been logged in and you want to change its name, click Configure>Clients, double-click the client to be renamed, then click the Tools tab in the client A more stressful test is to use Apple's file sharing or Microsoft Windows networking to connect to other computers and copy files over the network, which tests basic throughput for a

Do not turn them off until after you shut down the computer. Start by using a utility to "ping" a client computer, which tests only the most basic connectivity between two computers. Device problems can affect CPU performance and cause network disconnections or hangs. When Retrospect reads a chunk of data (for example when opening its configuration file, or reading file information out of the backup set catalog during the Matching step of a backup),

The devices window that appears shows you the name of the tape.