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Country Clubbing

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Country Clubbing is a multiplayer game where your goal is to get your ball in the hole through whatever means necessary! This physics-based free-for-all allows players to excel at the game of golf without even knowing the rules! We all know that sports are difficult, but we are here to help! Are you having trouble making that last shot? Grab your putter and show that ball the business! Is your friend going to get to the hole first? Simply beat them with your club! It’s that easy!

Some people get frustrated with the game of golf: putts are too hard, too many hazards, friends get in the way… Well, Country Clubbing has all that, but instead of seething by the sidelines, why not grab your club and go to town! We give the player agency by allowing them to “attack” their problems head on and give themselves the win they’ve always “deserved”!

Key Features

  • Three playable golf courses
  • Simple Host and Join Mutiplayer options
  • Ragdoll Physics
  • Text Chat
  • Customizable Outfits & Colors
  • Players get a Putter, Iron, and Driver for your varied distance needs!
  • AND Irritable Golf Course Critters!


Country Clubbing Country Clubbing
Country Clubbing
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