Uncovering Hidden Secrets: Easter Eggs in 'Red Dead Redemption 2'

  • João Almeida

In the sprawling open world of 'Red Dead Redemption 2' (RDR2), Rockstar Games has gone above and beyond to create not only a story-filled extravaganza but also a playground riddled with secrets, mysteries, and nods to popular culture, history, and even previous Rockstar games. This article delves deep into the heart of the Wild West to unearth some of the most intriguing and hidden easter eggs within RDR2.

Nostalgia and References to Red Dead Redemption

One cannot discuss 'Red Dead Redemption 2' without mentioning its predecessor. RDR2, being a prequel, is ripe with callbacks to 'Red Dead Redemption'. Beyond character appearances and plot tie-ins, there are specific locations like the remnants of John Marston’s old home and the grave of a certain character (no spoilers here) that serve as poignant reminders of the previous game.

Literary and Historical References

The game is set at the turn of the 20th century, a time of great change and turmoil in American history. Its developers have meticulously incorporated historical and literary references into the game. For instance, the character Evelyn Miller is largely considered a reference to transcendentalist writers like Henry David Thoreau, advocating for a life closer to nature.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Another less obvious nod is found in the form of the electric chair demonstration, mirroring the real-world adoption and controversies surrounding the method of capital punishment.

The Supernatural and Unexplained

Among the vast landscapes of RDR2, players may stumble upon phenomena that defy explanation. The ghost train, for example, can be seen chugging along the tracks late at night in a spectral display that leaves most witnesses bewildered.

Even more eerie is the Night Folk - a group of silent, zombie-like characters that inhabit the swamps and attack unsuspecting travelers.

Pop Culture and Media

Rockstar Games is known for its cheeky nods to pop culture, and RDR2 is no exception. One of the most overt references is to a hobbit-like structure, mirroring the homes found in The Lord of the Rings. Tucked away in the heart of the game, this find is a delight for fans of the Tolkien universe.

In a more subtle nod, fans of the movie Django Unchained might recognize the snowy mountains from the game's opening sequences as a homage to the film's own chilly landscapes.

Rockstar’s Own Easter Eggs

It wouldn’t be a Rockstar game without some self-referential easter eggs. Scattered throughout the world, players can find objects and locations that reference other games from the developer. For instance, there's a shop in Saint-Denis that features a painting resembling the cover of Bully, another Rockstar classic.

Aliens and UFOs

Perhaps among the most bizarre inclusions in RDR2 are the aliens. Yes, you read that right - aliens. Under specific conditions, players can witness a UFO flying overhead or even find one hidden in an abandoned house. These sightings add an extra layer of mystery and intrigue to the game, stoking countless fan theories and discussions online.

Red Dead Redemption 2

Practical Jokes and Whimsy

The developers at Rockstar have a known sense of humor, which shines through in various parts of RDR2. One such instance is the mysterious ‘Giant,’ who speaks to Arthur from behind a rock formation but is never fully revealed. This particular easter egg has led to a great deal of speculation and rumor in the gaming community.

The Vikings of the New World

In an unlikely nod to history, Rockstar included elements of Norse culture in RDR2. Deep within the game, players can stumble upon a Viking Helmet, an Axe, and a series of tombs - a seemingly out-of-place yet fascinating inclusion given the setting of the Wild West. This secret spot not only enriches the world's lore but also rewards exploring players with unique items, showcasing the developers’ dedication to creating a dense, yet diversely intriguing world.

Mysterious Murders and Cryptic Puzzles

For those with a penchant for solving mysteries, RDR2 offers a series of gruesome yet intriguing murder scenes. These scenes lead players on a quest to solve a serial murder case, with only cryptic messages and chilling tableaus as clues. The resolution of this side mission is as satisfying as it is dark, showcasing the game's ability to weave narrative depth into every corner of its world.

A Land of Giants and Monsters

Reaffirming the supernatural elements within the game, players can discover drawings and even bones of gigantic creatures scattered across the map. Among these is a set of bones that many speculate belongs to a prehistoric beast or perhaps a mythical creature. This inclusion adds a layer of mystery and wonder to the natural exploration, encouraging players to question not just what lies ahead but also what once roamed the lands of RDR2.

Time Travel and Other Anomalies

An even more intriguing, albeit less noticeable easter egg, is the presence of a character who claims to be a time traveler. Found locked up in a makeshift cell, this curious individual possesses knowledge and items that seem out of place for the era, fueling speculation and intrigue among players about the broader mysteries at play in RDR2’s narrative.

Homages to Literary Classics

Red Dead Redemption 2

Rockstar subtly integrates characters and scenarios that pay homage to classic literature. For example, the storyline of a fugitive family living in a mountain cave closely mirrors that of Victor Hugo’s Les Misérables. This, among other literary references sprinkled throughout, enriches the narrative depth of RDR2 and treats well-read players to rewarding moments of recognition.

The Wisdom of Strange Statues

Hidden within the game is a cave filled with mysterious statues that, upon discovery, present players with a puzzle. Solving this puzzle not only provides material rewards but also contributes to the overarching theme of curiosity and exploration that defines RDR2. This secret area, inspired perhaps by historical mysteries or conspiracy theories, offers a moment of pause and reflection on the intertwining of history and folklore.

A Reflection on Human Progress

Beyond the entertaining and mysterious, RDR2 also incorporates easter eggs that serve as reflections on human progress and its impact. The presence of a pollution-spewing factory amidst the natural beauty of the Wild West serves as a stark reminder of the costs of industrial advances. This, along with other similar instances, subtly integrates socio-economic commentary into the game’s rich tapestry.


'Red Dead Redemption 2' is a game that rewards exploration and curiosity. Beyond the vastness of its world and the depth of its story, Rockstar Games has filled the game with countless easter eggs and hidden secrets, each serving to the attention to detail. From historical references to pop culture nods and supernatural occurrences to internal jokes, RDR2 is a treasure trove waiting to be discovered. So, saddle up and keep your eyes peeled; you never know what secrets you might unearth in your next adventure through the Wild West.