Zenless Zone Zero is Out Now

  • 05-07-2024 |
  • Sofia Carvalho

miHoYo's recent release, Zenless Zone Zero, can now be accessed worldwide. This freely available hack-and-slash game is compatible with iOS, Android, PS5, and PC platforms. The game unfolds in a post-apocalyptic world where the Ethereals threaten mankind's existence. 

The narrative is set in a futuristic era where enigmatic Hollows emerged, giving rise to the Ethereals and leading to societal collapse. The remnants of humanity sought shelter, constructing New Eridu as their last refuge. However, Ether, a precious resource found within the Hollows, became incredibly sought after. This resulted in Hollow Raiders daring to venture into these dangerous territories in hopes of finding it. 

The plot centers around Belle and Wise, collectively known as Phaethon. Their role involves acting as intermediaries for New Eridu's disparate factions, navigating them through the perils of the Hollows. In line with the themes of miHoYo's previous releases, including Honkai: Star Rail, Zenless Zone Zero incorporates a 'gacha' system. This setup allows players to vie for new Agents and equipment.